About Duke Wedding

“Stop dreaming about those impractical, get yourself a job, do what we other people do….”

Relatives and friends around him kept persuading him like this way. That year he had just passed through bankruptcy and got divorced and has barely no money left. Even have faced all of these misfortune events, he still couldn’t talk himself into following the set routes that like people around him have chosen. In his mind, a true normal life would always be striving for one’s dream and desire and make every effort to make it happen. During the year of 2013, he taught himself PHP (thanks to the computer major in the university) and soon started his own website dealing with the website-building businesses. Software development is one of his strengths, but that’s not what he wanted.

Words like this lingering around his ears, especially when he announced going to study abroad…That year, he’s already 32 and still couldn’t speak English. The following happened was that he shut down his newly-opened company and soaked himself in the library, learn English! He just knew what he wanted!

He got acquainted to his current wife during that time and decided to hold a special, memorable oversea wedding ceremony. Then he started to spend about 6 hours every day on memorizing English words. After one year’s effort, he finally arrived to the ADVANCE level. In the March of this year, under the condition of extremely short of money, he married his second wife in the Phuket Island. The romance of this wedding was far beyond the pictures and words could describe. He’s been to Thailand a million times, and because of that he became quite familiar with Phuket. And the warm stories are that he got his lost phone, wallet, keys back by the kind and friendly Thai people.

During that time, he met his American friend Zach, who’s an American wedding host and has been living in Thailand doing his wedding host job for 9 years till then. He settled down in Thailand, got married with a local woman and raise kids together. After getting knowledge of this area, Duke became full of passion with this field and the job, so he joined the Zach’s Phuket wedding service team and started to take the wedding master job.

The Team

I always say I’m only as good as my team! We are a family of 8 extremely hard working, artistic, and dedicated dream wedding makers. I have chosen a diverse and talented team so that we could create weddings and events involving as few as 2 people, or as many as 100’s. We all have important roles in the company and we love the challenges and the collaborations we are blessed to be a part of… a vast array of celebrations – from intimate dinner parties to truly spectacular weddings across the globe. Every event excites us all, and we are passionate about creating memories for you, and your family and friends. There are several options for you to work with me and/or my team, and we would love to meet with you and chat about your visions and hopes for memorable life experience.


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